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Zankyou no Terror Episode 10 Preview

I don’t know why most of people hate the special episode of Itazura na Kiss: Love in Okinawa. I think they did a good job. It’s just like in the manga/anime if you read/watched it.

About Irie and Kotoko, don’t expect that their personalities will change just because they’re married now. Irie-kun is cold as always but he can be sweet sometimes. As for Kotoko, she’s still childish. But you will see how she will do her best to support her husband.



Wow, people are still hating on Touma for getting in the way of their ship????
Please let Touma live he’s too cute to hate!!!!

I agree. I also like Touma! He’s a good guy. Although I like Kou more. hihi/

[[why is his hair not blonde?]]

Akizuki Sorata - September 2014 

I feel like I’m CC whenever I eat this pizza. ^__^

Where can I found the Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo TRAILER?!!


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